Supernova blast waves in wind-blown bubbles, turbulent, and power-law ambient media

Haid, S. and Walch, S. and Naab, T. and Seifried, D. and Mackey, Jonathan and Gatto, A. (2016) Supernova blast waves in wind-blown bubbles, turbulent, and power-law ambient media. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 460 (3). pp. 2962-2978. ISSN 0035-8711

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Supernova (SN) blast waves inject energy and momentum into the interstellar medium (ISM), control its turbulent multiphase structure and the launching of galactic outflows. Accurate modelling of the blast wave evolution is therefore essential for ISM and galaxy formation simulations. We present an efficient method to compute the input of momentum, thermal energy, and the velocity distribution of the shock-accelerated gas for ambient media (densities of 0.1 >= n_{0} [cm^{−3}] >= 100) with uniform (and with stellar wind blown bubbles), power-law, and turbulent (Mach numbers M from 1-100) density distributions. Assuming solar metallicity cooling, the blast wave evolution is followed to the beginning of the momentum conserving snowplough phase. The model recovers previous results for uniform ambient media. The momentum injection in wind-blown bubbles depend on the swept-up mass and the efficiency of cooling, when the blast wave hits the wind shell. For power-law density distributions with n(r) ~ r^{−2} (for n(r) > n_{floor}) the amount of momentum injection is solely regulated by the background density n_{floor} and compares to n_{uni} = n_{floor}. However, in turbulent ambient media with lognormal density distributions the momentum input can increase by a factor of 2 (compared to the homogeneous case) for high Mach numbers. The average momentum boost can be approximated: [Equation]. The velocity distributions are broad as gas can be accelerated to high velocities in low-density channels. The model values agree with results from recent, computationally expensive, three-dimensional simulations of SN explosions in turbulent media.

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