Chaotic strings in a near Penrose limit of AdS5 × T1,1

Asano, Yuhma and Kawai, Daisuke and Kyono, Hideki and Yoshida, Kentaroh (2015) Chaotic strings in a near Penrose limit of AdS5 × T1,1. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2015 (8). ISSN 1029-8479

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We study chaotic motions of a classical string in a near Penrose limit of AdS_5 ×T^1,1 . It is known that chaotic solutions appear on R × T^1,1 , depending on initial conditions. It may be interesting to ask whether the chaos persists even in Penrose limits or not. In this paper, we show that sub-leading corrections in a Penrose limit provide an unstable separatrix, so that chaotic motions are generated as a consequence of collapsed Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser (KAM) tori. Our analysis is based on deriving a reduced system composed of two degrees of freedom by supposing a winding string ansatz. Then, we provide support for the existence of chaos by computing Poincaré sections. In comparison to the AdS_5 × T^1,1 case, we argue that no chaos lives in a near Penrose limit of AdS_5 ×S^5 , as expected from the classical integrability of the parent system.

Item Type: Article
Divisions: School of Theoretical Physics > Preprints
Date Deposited: 05 Oct 2017 19:30
Last Modified: 16 Dec 2022 02:12

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