Towards Relativistic Skyrmions

Boschi-Filho, Henrique, Braga, Nelson R. F., Ihl, Matthias and Torres, Marcus A. C. (2012) Towards Relativistic Skyrmions. (Preprint)

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We revisit baryons in the Skyrme model. Starting from static baryons in the helicity eigenstates, we generalize their wavefunctions to the non-static and relativistic regime. A new representation for gamma matrices in the soliton collective space is constructed and the corresponding Dirac equation is obtained. As an example, we draw consideration on how to apply this new representation on the calculus of vector current vacuum expectation values for baryon states of spin and isospin half and arbitrary momenta and we show how elastic form factors can be derived.

Item Type: Article
Divisions: School of Theoretical Physics > Preprints
Date Deposited: 19 Jun 2018 13:48
Last Modified: 16 Dec 2022 02:08
Identification Number: DIAS-STP-12-16

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