Liouville Bootstrap via Harmonic Analysis on a Noncompact Quantum Group

Ponsot, B. and Teschner, J. (1999) Liouville Bootstrap via Harmonic Analysis on a Noncompact Quantum Group. (Preprint)

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The purpose of this short note is to announce results that amount to a verification of the bootstrap for Liouville theory in the generic case under certain assumptions concerning existence and properties of fusion transformations. Under these assumptions one may characterize the fusion and braiding coefficients as solutions of a system of functional equations that follows from the combination of consistency requirements and known results. This system of equations has a unique solution for irrational central charge c > 25. The solution is constructed by solving the Clebsch-Gordan problem for a certain continuous series of quantum group representations and constructing the associated Racah-coefficients. This gives an explicit expression for the fusion coefficients. Moreover, the expressions can be continued into the strong coupling region 1 < c < 25, providing a solution of the bootstrap also for this region.

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