Geometry, the Renormalization Group and Gravity

O'Connor, Denjoe and Stephens, C. R. (1992) Geometry, the Renormalization Group and Gravity. (Preprint)

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We discuss the relationship between geometry, the renormalization group (RG) and gravity. We begin by reviewing our recent work on crossover problems in field theory. By crossover we mean the interpolation between different representations of the conformal group by the action of relevant operators. At the level of the R.G this crossover is manifest in the flow between different fixed points induced by these operators. The description of such flows requires a RG which is capable of interpolating between qualitatively different degrees of freedom. Using the conceptual notion of course graining we construct some simple examples of such a group introducing the concept of a ‘floating” fixed point around which one constructs a perturbation theory. Our consideration of crossovers indicates that one should consider classes of field theories, described by a set of parameters rather than focus on a particular one. The space of parameters has a natural metric structure. We examine the geometry of this space in some simple models and draw some analogies between this space, superspace and minisuperspace.

Item Type: Article
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Date Deposited: 19 Jun 2018 14:13
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