Clausius-Mossotti Function for Restricted One-dimensional Operators

Frood, D. G. H. and Tjipto Margo, B. (1985) Clausius-Mossotti Function for Restricted One-dimensional Operators. (Preprint)

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Deviations from constancy of the C_M function, are considered on the basis of a one-dimensional oscillator model in which the valence electrons are assumed restricted by infinite potentials, but interact with all others through dipolar forces. A computer calculation shows that the density-dependence of C_M is qualitatively in agreement with experiment, but the temperature-dependence is negligible. An interesting feature is the occurrence of negative polarizabilities for the excited states at modest densities -indicating an insulator-to-metal transition. This result is in conflict with the basic precepts of the model which does not permit fully delocalized electronic states. However, this analysis suggests a more promising three-dimensional model which admits of realistic atomic potentials, dynamical dipolar interaction and repulsive potentials which ensure the existence of the ionized state of the atom.

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Date Deposited: 06 Jul 2018 10:43
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