Repository Policy

Policy on open access to research and the institutional repository

Open Access means making research publications freely available so anyone can benefit from reading and using research. Open access is part of a wider ‘open’ movement to encourage free exchange of knowledge and resources in order to widen access and encourage creativity. [1]

DIAS Open Access Policy can be viewed here

DAIR, (DIAS Access to Institutional Research) provides a secure central repository for the research output of the Institute.

The remit of the DAIR is to collect, store and preserve the research output of the Institute and to make it freely available to the research community, and other interested individuals, through Open Access protocols. The repository is a fully searchable online retrieval system where published research papers will be safely and comprehensively stored and made fully accessible to the research community and the general public, following recommendations set out in the National Principles for Open Access Policy [2] statement.

The policy of the Institute, is that all research and scholarly publications, which arise in whole or in part from research carried out at DIAS, and subject to the copyright and archiving policies of the publisher, should be made available at the earliest possible date through the library.

It is hoped that the repository will increase the visibility of the Institute, those who work here and those who conduct the research that is carried out. It is our internal policy that all research will be made available at the earliest opportunity and no later than the end of a given year and in time for inclusion in the annual report of the Institute.

Margaret Irons, Librarian, School of Celtic Studies, DIAS.
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