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Burzlaff, J. (1985) Statics and Dynamics of Classical Yang-Mills-Higgs Systems: Some Recent Developments. (Preprint)

Burzlaff, J. and O'Raifeartaigh, L. (1985) Disconnected Non-maximal Stability Groups and Horizontal Symmetry. (Preprint)

Burzlaff, J. and Tchrakian, D. H. (1985) Finite-Action Solutions of Higher-Order Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory in Four Dimensions. (Preprint)

DIAS, Council (1985) DIAS Annual Report 1985. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Frood, D. G. H. and Tjipto Margo, B. (1985) Clausius-Mossotti Function for Restricted One-dimensional Operators. (Preprint)

Garavaglia, T. (1985) Finite Temperature Field Theory and Quantum Noise in an Electrical Network. (Preprint)

Horváthy, P. A. and Rawnsley, J. H. (1985) The Problem of "Global Color" in Gauge Theories. (Preprint)

Mackey, George W. (1985) Hermann Weyl and the Application of Group Theory to Quantum Mechanics. (Preprint)

Müller, Eberhard E. (1985) Bose-Einstein Condensation of Free Photons. (Preprint)

Müller, Eberhard E. (1985) Scalar Potentials for Vector Fields and an Application to Quantum Electrodynamics. (Preprint)

O'Raifeartaigh, L. (1985) Spontaneous Breaking in Supersymmetry. (Preprint)

Solomon, Allan I. and Birman, Joseph L. (1985) Green's Function and Unitary States in Many Fermion Systems. (Preprint)

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