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Birman, Joseph L. and Solomon, Allan I. (1987) Discrete Symmetries and Selection Rules in Unified SU(8) for Superconductivity and Density Waves. (Preprint)

Birman, Joseph L. and Solomon, Allan I. (1987) Dynamical SU(8) for phase-coexistence: Thermodynamics of the SO(4) x SO(4) submodel. (Preprint)

Burzlaff, J. and O'Raifeartaigh, L. (1987) On the Construction of Higgs Sectors. (Preprint)

Cegła, W. and Klimek, M. (1987) Large Deviation Principle for Product Measures. (Preprint)

Cegła, Wojciech (1987) The Covering Property in a Causal Logic. (Preprint)

DIAS, Council (1987) DIAS Annual Report 1987. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Dorlas, T. C. (1987) Renormalization and the Continuum Limit. (Preprint)

Garavaglia, T. (1987) The Squeezed Quantum State at Finite Temperature. (Preprint)

Golden, J. M. and Graham, G. A. C. (1987) Energy balance criteria for viscoelastic fracture. (Preprint)

Jenkins, Paul and Heffernan, Daniel M. (1987) Numerical Investigation of Chaos in the Time-Delay Ikeda Laser-Ring Cavity. (Preprint)

Katriel, Jacob and Rasetti, Mario and Solomon, Allan I. (1987) Group Theoretical Approach To Squeezed States Using Generalized Bose Operators. (Preprint)

Lewis, J. T. (1987) The Large Deviation Principle in Statistical Mechanics: an Expository Account. (Preprint)

McConnell, James (1987) Equality of NMR Relaxation Times for Different Molecular Models. (Preprint)

McConnell, James (1987) Erwin Schrödinger a Dublino. (Preprint)

McKenna, Malachy (1987) Breton Dialectology: A Sample Survey. Scéala Scoil an Léinn Cheiltigh. Newsletter of the School of Celtic Studies, 1. p. 26. ISSN 0790-9853

Montorsi, Arianna and Rasetti, Mario and Solomon, Allan I. (1987) Dynamical Superalgebra and Supersymettry for a Many—Fermion System. (Preprint)

Montorsi, Arianna and Rasetti, Mario and Solomon, Allan I. (1987) Supersymmetry in a BCS—Umklapp Model. (Preprint)

O'Raifeartaigh, L. (1987) The Anomaly-Flux-Index Identity and its Euclidean Extension. (Preprint)

O'Raifeartaigh, L. (1987) Gravitation and the Unification of the Fundamental Forces. (Preprint)

O'Raifeartaigh, L. (1987) U(1) Anomaly and Index Theorem for Complex and Euclidean Manifolds. (Preprint)

Raggio, G. A. (1987) Two level systems interacting with bosons: thermodynamic limit of thermodynamic functions. (Preprint)

Skrypnik, W. I. (1987) Integrable Solutions of the Hierarchy of the BBGKY-type for Brownian Particles in the Mean-field Limit. (Preprint)

Solomon, Allan I. and Birman, Joseph L. (1987) Dynamical SU(8) - A Laboratory for Phase Coexistence. (Preprint)

Synge, J. L. (1987) The Torricelli-Fermat Point Generalised. (Preprint)

Vandyck, M. A. (1987) On the Problem of Space-time Symmetries in the Theory of Supergravity (Part II). (Preprint)

Vandyck, M. A. (1987) On the Time Evolution of some Robinson-Trautman Line Elements. (Preprint)

van den Burg, M. and Lewis, J. T. (1987) Limit Theorems for Stochastic Processes Associated with a Boson Gas. (Preprint)

van den Burg, M. and Lewis, J. T. and Pulé, J. V. (1987) Large Deviations and the Boson Gas. (Preprint)

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