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Benatti, Fabio (1991) The Classical Limit of a Class of Quantum Dynamical Semigroups. (Preprint)

Benatti, Fabio (1991) On Some Hamiltonian Models of Brownian Motion. (Preprint)

Burzlaff, J. and Mc Carthy, P. (1991) A Study of a 90° Vortex-Vortex Scattering Process. (Preprint)


DIAS, Council (1991) DIAS Annual Report 1991. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Dolan, Brian P. (1991) Energy Spectra in Inflationary Models. (Preprint)

Dolan, Brian P. (1991) Thermal Spectra In The Early Universe. (Preprint)

Duffield, N. G. and Werner, R. F. (1991) Local dynamics of mean-field Quantum Systems. (Preprint)

de Matos, A. M. G. Amaro, Patrick, A. E. and Zagrebnov, V. A. (1991) Random Infinite-Volume Gibbs States for the Curie-Weiss Random Field Ising Model. (Preprint)


Fehér, L. (1991) W-Algebras of Generalized Toda Theories. (Preprint)

Fehér, L. and Horváthy, P. A. (1991) Isopin-dependent o(4,2) symmetry of self-dual Wu-Yang monopoles. (Preprint)

Fehér, L., O'Raifeartaigh, L., Ruelle, P., Tsutsui, I. and Wipf, A. (1991) On Hamiltonian Reductions of the Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten Theories. (Preprint)


Kubyshin, Yuri, O'Connor, Denjoe and Stephens, C. R. (1991) Dimensional Crossover from Non-Renormalizability to Renormalizability. (Preprint)

Kubyshin, Yuri, O'Connor, Denjoe and Stephens, C. R. (1991) Dimensional Crossover, the Renormalization Group and Finite Size Scaling. (Preprint)


Lavelle, Martin and McMullan, David (1991) Gauge Fixing, Unitarity and Phase Space Path Integrals. (Preprint)


McConnell, J. (1991) Maynooth Revisited. (Preprint)

McKenna, Malachy (1991) On pecthad “sinner” in the Würzburg Glosses. Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie (ZcP), 44. p. 79. ISSN 00845302

McKenna, Malachy (1991) A Textual History of The Spiritual Rose. Clogher Record, 14. pp. 52-73. ISSN 04128079

McMullan, David (1991) Classical States and the BRST Charge. (Preprint)


O'Raifeartaigh, L. (1991) W-Algebras. (Preprint)


Skrypnik, W. I. (1991) Gibbs System of Interacting Scalar Fields and Particles as an Origin of the Sine-Gordon Transformation. (Preprint)

Skrypnik, W. I. (1991) Infinite Particle Hamiltonian Dynamics of Chern-Simons Type. (Preprint)


Tchrakian, D. H. and Müller-Kirsten, H. J. W. (1991) A (2+1)-dimensional model with instanton and sphaleron solutions. (Preprint)

Tuite, Michael P. (1991) A Generalised Conway-Norton Relationship Between the Monster and Conway Groups. (Preprint)


Vandyck, M. A. (1991) A Remark on the Twin “Paradox”. (Preprint)

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