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Burzlaff, J. and Kellegher, E. (2000) Expansion in the Distance Parameter for Two Vortices Close Together. (Preprint)

DIAS, Council (2000) DIAS Annual Report 2000. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Dolan, Brian P. (2000) Duality in the Quantum Hall Effect - the Role of Electron Spin. (Preprint)

Dolan, Brian P. and Johnston, D. A. (2000) 1D Potts, Yang-Lee Edges and Chaos. (Preprint)

Dorlas, T. C. and Wedagedera, J. R. (2000) Large Deviations and the Random Energy Model. (Preprint)

Dorlas, T. C. and Wedagedera, J. R. (2000) The Phase Diagram of a Spin Glass on a Tree with Ferromagnetic Interactions. (Preprint)

Duffy, K. (2000) On the Large Deviations of a Class of Stationary On/Off Sources which Exhibit Long Range Dependence. (Preprint)

Duffy, K. and Toomey, F. (2000) Large Deviations and Transient Multiplexing at a Buffered Resource. (Preprint)

Dukes, W.M.B. (2000) Counting Rank-2 Matroids. (Preprint)

Dukes, W.M.B. (2000) Enumerating Low Rank Matroids and their Asymptotic Probability of Occurrence. (Preprint)

Ford, C. and Pawlowski, J. M. and Tok, T. and Wipf, A. (2000) ADHM Construction of Instantons on the Torus. (Preprint)

Freire, F. and Litim, D.F. and Pawlowski, J. M. (2000) Gauge Invariance and Background Field Formalism in the Exact Renormalisation Group. (Preprint)

Garavaglia, T. (2000) Covariant Relativistic Quantum Theory. (Preprint)

Ivashkevic, E. I. and Povolotsky, A. M. and Priezzhev, V. B. (2000) Exact Velocity of Dispersive Flow in the Asymmetric Avalanche Process. (Preprint)

Lenz, F. and Thiess, M. and Nagele, J. and O'Raifeartaigh, L. (2000) Phases and Residual Gauge Symmetries of Higgs Models. (Preprint)

O'Raifeartaigh, L. and Pawlowski, J. M. and Sreedhar, V. V. (2000) The Two-Exponential Liouville Theory and the Uniqueness of the Three-Point Function. (Preprint)

O'Raifeartaigh, L. and Sreedhar, V. V. (2000) The Maximal Kinematical Invariance Group of Fluid Dynamics and Explosion-implosion Duality. (Preprint)

Suhov, Yu. M. and Vvedenskaya, N. D. (2000) Fast Jackson-Type Networks with Dynamic Routing. (Preprint)

Teschner, J. and Ponsot, B. (2000) Clebsch-Jordan and Racah-Wigner Coefficients for a Continuous Series of Representations of Uq(sl(2,R)). (Preprint)

Vvedenskaya, N. D. and Pechersky, E. A. and Suhov, Yu. M. (2000) Large Deviations in Some Queueing Systems. (Preprint)

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