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Adams, Stefan and Bru, J.-B. and König, W. (2004) Large deviations for trapped interacting Brownian particles and paths. (Preprint)

Bru, J.-B. (2004) Large deviations for the local particle densities. (Preprint)

Capovilla, R. and Guven, J. (2004) Second variation of the Helfrich-Canham Hamiltonian and reparametrization invariance. (Preprint)

Caselle, Michele and Hasenbusch, Martin and Panero, Marco (2004) Short distance behaviour of the effective string. (Preprint)

Castro-Villarreal, P. and Delgadillo-Blando, Rodrigo and Ydri, Badis (2004) A gauge-invariant UV-IR mixing and the corresponding phase transition for U(1) fields on the fuzzy sphere. (Preprint)

Christandl, M. and Datta, Nilanjana and Dorlas, T. C. and Ekert, A. and Kay, A. and Landahl, A. J. (2004) Perfect Transfer of Arbitrary States in Quantum Spin Networks. (Preprint)

DIAS, Council (2004) DIAS Annual Report 2004. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

DIAS, Council (2004) DIAS Research Report 2004.

Datta, Nilanjana and Dorlas, T. C. (2004) Source Coding in Quantum Information Theory. (Preprint)

Dolan, Brian P. (2004) Quantum Black Holes: the Event Horizon as a Fuzzy Sphere. (Preprint)

Dorlas, T. C. and Skrypnik, W. (2004) Two Order Parameters in Quantum XZ Spin Models with Gibbsian Ground States. (Preprint)

Duffy, K. and Malone, D. and Pechersky, E. A. and Suhov, Y. M. and Vvedenskaya, N. D. (2004) Large deviations provide good approximation to queueing system with dynamic routing. (Preprint)

Gruber, Michael J. and Leitner, Marianne (2004) Spontaneous Edge Currents for the Dirac Equation in Two Space Dimensions. (Preprint)

Guven, J. (2004) Membrane geometry with auxiliary variables and quadratic constraints. (Preprint)

Martin, X. (2004) A matrix phase for the ϕ⁴ scalar field on the fuzzy sphere. (Preprint)

Martin, X. and O'Connor, Denjoe and Sorkin, R. D. (2004) The Random Walk in Generalised Quantum Theory. (Preprint)

Nicolau, M. and Ryan, C. and Stephens, C. R. (2004) Zero is not a Four-Letter Word: Studies in the Evolution of Language. (Preprint)

Panero, Marco (2004) A numerical study of a confined Q anti-Q system in compact U(1) lattice gauge theory in 4D. (Preprint)

Rinaldi, Massimiliano and Watts, Paul (2004) Pre-Big Bang Scenarios on Self-T-Dual Bouncing Branes. (Preprint)

Sachs, I. (2004) Lectures on supersymmetry. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. ISSN Series A (Theoretical Physics) 0070-7414

Stephens, C. R. and Zamora, A. and Wright, A. (2004) Perturbation Theory and the Renormalization Group in Genetic Dynamics. (Preprint)

Tsukioka, T. and Watabiki, Y. (2004) Quantization of Neveu-Schwarz-Ramond Superstring Model in 10+2-dimensional Spacetime. (Preprint)

Ydri, Badis (2004) Exact Solution of Noncommutative U(1) Gauge Theory in 4-Dimensions. (Preprint)

Ydri, Badis (2004) Noncommutative U(1) Gauge Theory As a Non-Linear Sigma Model. (Preprint)

Book Section

Breatnach, Liam (2004) On Satire and the Poet's Circuit. In: Unity in Diversity. Studies in Irish and Scottish Gaelic Language, Literature and History. The School of Irish, Trinity College Dublin, pp. 25-35. ISBN 0954688201

Ó Macháin, Pádraig (2004) Dhá théacs dlí. In: Cín Chille Cúile: texts, saints and places: essays in honour of Pádraig Ó Riain. Celtic Studies Publications, Aberystwyth, pp. 305-309. ISBN 189127113X

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