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Arnaudov, Dimo and Filev, Veselin G. and Rashkov, Radoslav (2014) Flavours in global Klebanov-Witten background. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014 (3). ISSN 1029-8479


Beau, Mathieu and Dorlas, T. C. (2014) Three-dimensional Quantum Slit Diffraction and Diffraction in Time. International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 54 (6). pp. 1882-1907. ISSN 0020-7748

Beau, Mathieu and Savoie, Baptiste (2014) Gaussian decay for a difference of traces of the Schrödinger semigroup associated to the isotropic harmonic oscillator. (Preprint)

Beau, Mathieu and Savoie, Baptiste (2014) Rigorous investigation of the reduced density matrix for the ideal Bose gas in harmonic traps by a loop-gas-like approach. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 55 (5). 053301. ISSN 0022-2488


DIAS, Council (2014) DIAS Annual Report 2014. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Dolan, Brian P. (2014) On the thermodynamic stability of rotating black holes in higher dimensions—a comparision of thermodynamic ensembles. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 31 (13). p. 135012. ISSN 0264-9381

Dorlas, T. C. (2014) Bell’s inequalities, 50 years later. (Preprint)


Eibl, Eva P. S. and Bean, Christopher J. and Vogfjörd, Kristin and Braiden, Aoife (2014) Persistent Shallow Background Microseismicity on Hekla Volcano, Iceland: A Potential Monitoring Tool. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 289. pp. 224-237.


Filev, Veselin G. (2014) A quantum critical point from flavours on a compact space. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014 (8). ISSN 1029-8479

Filev, Veselin G. and Ihl, Matthias and Zoakos, Dimitrios (2014) Holographic Bilayer/Monolayer Phase Transitions. (Preprint)

Filev, Veselin G. and O'Connor, Denjoe (2014) Commuting Quantum Matrix Models. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2015 (3). ISSN 1029-8479

Filev, Veselin G. and O'Connor, Denjoe (2014) On the phase structure of commuting matrix models. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014 (8). ISSN 1029-8479

Filev, Veselin G. and Zoakos, Dimitrios (2014) Multiple backreacted flavour branes. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014 (12). ISSN 1029-8479


Lewis, Barry James (2014) St Mechyll of Anglesey, St Maughold of Man and St Malo of Brittany. Studia Celtica Fennica, 11. pp. 24-38. ISSN 1795-097X


Navarro-Lérida, Francisco and Radu, Eugen and Tchrakian, D. H. (2014) Generalized dyons and magnetic dipoles: The issue of angular momentum. Physical Review D, 90 (6). ISSN 1550-7998

Navarro-Lérida, Francisco and Tchrakian, D. H. (2014) Electrically charged finite energy solutions of an SO(5) and an SU(3) Higgs–Chern–Simons-Yang–Mills–Higgs system in 3+1 dimensions. International Journal of Modern Physics A, 30 (15). p. 1550079. ISSN 0217-751X


O'Raifeartaigh, Cormac and McCann, Brendan and Nahm, Werner and Mitton, Simon (2014) Einstein’s exploration of a steady-state model of the universe. The European Physical Journal H, 39 (3). pp. 353-367. ISSN 2102-6459


Wei, Wenbo and Le Pape, Florian and Jones, Alan G. and Vozar, Jan and Dong, Hao and Unsworth, Martyn J. and Jin, Sheng and Ye, Gaofeng and Jing, Jianen and Zhang, Letian and Xie, Chengliang (2014) Northward channel flow in northern Tibet revealed from 3D magnetotelluric modelling. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 235. pp. 13-24. ISSN 0031-9201 (Accepted Version)

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