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Anastasiou, A. and Borsten, L. and Duff, M. J. and Marrani, A. and Nagy, S. and Zoccali, M. (2017) Are All Supergravity Theories Yang-Mills Squared? (Preprint)

Anastasiou, A. and Borsten, L. and Duff, M. J. and Marrani, A. and Nagy, S. and Zoccali, M. (2017) The Mile High Magic Pyramid. (Preprint)

Asano, Yuhma and Ishiki, Goro and Shimasaki, Shinji and Terashima, Seiji (2017) On the Transverse M5-Branes in Matrix Theory. (Unpublished)

Asano, Yuhma and Ishiki, Goro and Shimasaki, Shinji and Terashima, Seiji (2017) Spherical Transverse M5-Branes from the Plane Wave Matrix Model. (Preprint)

Belenchia, Alessio and Benincasa, Dionigi M. T. and Letizia, Marco and Liberati, Stefano (2017) On the Entanglement Entropy of Quantum Fields in Causal Sets. (Preprint)

Borsten, L. (2017) On D = 6, N = (2,0) and N = (4,0) Theories. (Preprint)

Borsten, L. and Marrani, A. (2017) A Kind of Magic. (Preprint)

DIAS, Council (2017) DIAS Annual Report 2017. Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies..

Drury, Luke O'Connor (2017) Galactic Cosmic Rays - Theory and Interpretation. Proceedings of Science.

Eibl, Eva P. S. and Bean, Christopher J. and Jónsdóttir, Ingibjoerg and Höskuldsson, Armann and Thordarson, Thorvaldur and Coppola, Diego and Witt, Tanja and Walter, Thomas (2017) Multiple Coincident Eruptive Seismic Tremor Sources During the 2014-2015 Eruption at Holuhraun, Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 122.

Eibl, Eva P. S. and Bean, Christopher J. and Vogfjörd, Kristin S. and Ying, Yingzi and Lokmer, Ivan and Möllhoff, Martin and O'Brien, Gareth S. and Pálsson, Finnur (2017) Tremor-rich shallow dyke formation followed by silent magma flow at Bárdarbunga in Iceland. Nature Geoscience, 10 (4). pp. 299-304.

Eibl, Eva P. S. and Lokmer, Ivan and Bean, Christopher J. and Akerlie, Eggert (2017) Helicopter Location and Tracking using Seismometer Recordings. Geophysical Journal International, 209 (2). pp. 901-908.

Feehan, Paul M. N. (2017) Optimal Lojasiewicz-Simon Inequalities and Morse-Bott Yang-Mills Energy Functions. (Preprint)

Feehan, Paul M. N. (2017) Resolution of singularities and geometric proofs of the Lojasiewicz inequalities. (Preprint)

Filev, Veselin G. and O'Connor, Denjoe (2017) Quantised relativistic membranes and non-perturbative checks of gauge/gravity duality. (Preprint)

Glaser, Lisa and O'Connor, Denjoe and Surya, Sumati (2017) Finite Size Scaling in 2D Causal Set Quantum Gravity. (Preprint)

Gvaramadze, V. V. and Mackey, Jonathan and Kniazev, A. Y. and Langer, N. and Chené, A.-N. and Castro, N. and Haworth, T. J. and Grebel, E. K. (2017) IRAS 18153−1651: an H II region with a possible wind bubble blown by a young main-sequence B star. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 466 (2). pp. 1857-1867. ISSN 0035-8711

Hoyne, Mícheál (2017) Bardic Poetry, Irish. In: The Encyclopedia of British Medieval Literature. Wiley-Blackwell.

Hoyne, Mícheál (2017) Early Modern Irish miscellanea. Ériu, 67. pp. 167-184. ISSN 0332-0758

Hoyne, Mícheál (2017) Why resumption? Resumptive pronouns in prepositional relative clauses [in Old, Middle and Early Modern Irish]. In: Referential properties and their impact on insular Celtic syntax. Studien und Texte zur Keltologie (14). Nodus Publikationen, Muenster, pp. 69-100. ISBN 9783893236244

Kováčik, Samuel and Prešnajder, Peter (2017) Magnetic Monopoles and Symmetries in Noncommutative Space. (Preprint)

Le Pape, F. and Jones, A.G. and Jessell, M.W. and Perrouty, S. and Gallardo, L.A. and Baratoux, L. and Hogg, C. and Siebenaller, L. and Touré, A. and Ouiya, P. and Boren, G. (2017) Crustal structure of southern Burkina Faso inferred from magnetotelluric, gravity and magnetic data. Precambrian Research, 300. pp. 261-272. ISSN 0301-9268 (Accepted Version)

Leitner, Marianne (2017) An algebraic approach to minimal models in CFTs. (Preprint)

Leitner, Marianne and Nahm, Werner (2017) Rational CFTs on Riemann surfaces. (Preprint)

Mather, Ben and McLaren, Sandra and Taylor, David and Roy, Sukanta and Moresi, Louis (2017) Variations and controls on crustal thermal regimes in Southeastern Australia. Tectonophysics, 723. pp. 261-276. ISSN 00401951

Nurmio, Silva (2017) Collective nouns in Welsh: a noun category or a plural allomorph? Transactions of the Philological Society, 115 (1). pp. 58-78.

Nurmio, Silva (2017) The development and typology of number suppletion in adjectives. Diachronica, 34 (2). pp. 127-174.

Theuerkauf, Marie-Luise (2017) TRISTAN AND EARLY MODERN IRISH ROMANCES: JAMES CARNEY’S UR-TRISTAN REVISITED. In: Irish Texts Society Subsidiary Series Volume 26: Two Irish Arthurian Romances: Reassessments. Irish Texts Society Subsidiary Series (29). Irish Texts Society, Cork. (Accepted Version)

Theuerkauf, Marie-Luise (2017) The death of Boand and the recensions of Dindṡenchas Érenn. Ériu, 67. pp. 49-97. ISSN 0332-0758 (Preprint)

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